The Universal Sensors and Transducer Interface – USTI is a multi-signal converter that can be used with most frequency-time output sensors and also resistive and capacitive sensing components.

This IC converts frequency-time domain signals, resistance and capacitance of sensing elements and resistance of sensor bridges into digital,  and provides digital, bus interface to microcontroller, DAQ or sensor system to read these digital results.

Up to three sensing elements can be directly connected to the USTI without the need for extra electronics. Only a single reference element, of the same kind as the sensor, is required.

This IC simplifies the development of digital, smart sensors and intelligent sensor systems. The device provides a high-resolution  (up to 0.0005 % relative error) supporting most frequency-time and digital sensor applications.

The USTI has 29 measuring and one generating modes. The measuring mode can be hardware-2 selected by using four selection external pins M0-M3 and the relative error by using four selection pins N0-N3 (RS232 master communication mode).


The mode and accuracy can be also selected by using any of three possible interfaces (slave communication mode). A communication interface type (RS232, SPI or I2C) can be  selected according to the circuit connection.

Price: $20.86 / unit. Volume discounts apply.

Available in 28-lead PDIP, 32-lead TQFP and 32-pad MLF